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Real Pin Up Girl
Real Pin Up Girl

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Our Price: $11.99
Graphic Description: Please Note* Some templates may alter design based on mod features. Ex. button hole may be knocked out or screen lcd may cut through image depending on your device. We move the template for each design based on over all feedback. We hope you enjoy :)

Product Code: S504


4 Nine, 69, 730, ABS Box Mod, Aeon, Arrow 100W, Asgard DNA 30, Aspire CF (1600 mah) Carbon Fibre, Aspire CF 1000 mah VV, Aspire CF MAXX, Aspire CF Maxx, Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery, Aspire ESP 30w, Aspire Esp 30w, Aspire Pegasus, Astro, Athena Smart 30 S, Athena Smart 40, Athena Smart 60, Athena Smart 60w, Atlas, Avenger V3, Bagua Ti 22, BAP 3d Mod, BC Modz, Billet Box, Black Oak Mod, Bolt, Boss, Buzz Pro, Caravela, Caravella Clone, Cartel Mod, Castle Mod, Cell Block 1590G, Cherry Bomber V2, Chi You, Chris Creations Mod, Cloud Chasers Hammond Box, Cloudpor T6, Cloupor GT 80W TC, Cloupor Mini, Cloupor T8, Congestus, Cool Fire 1, Cool Fire IV, Copper SX, Copper Talon (by Verrsa), Copper Vanilla, Copperhead, Corolla, Cronus, Custom Classic, CVI, Cyborg, Cyborg Telescopic, Darwin, DB Modz (mini)DNA 30, Diablo, Dimitri Box Mod, Dollhouse 1590B, Dovpo DT-50W Mod, Dovpo GX-200, Dovpo Mini 50W, Draw Tube, e-Huge, E-Square, EA Mod, eCab, Ego (Please specify which battery size in notes), Ego C Twist, Ego One 1100, Ego One 2200, Ego One Mega (Joytech), Ego Regular LCD, Ego v3 Mega, Ego V3 Mega, Ego V4 Mega, Ego v4 Mega, Ego-C Passthrough, Ego-T, Ego-V, Ego-V v2, eGrip - 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  • 1.Surface of the device should be clean and free of debris
    2.Cleaning materials must not contain ammonia (like Windex) as these will dissolve the adhesive.
    3.Carbon Fiber and Hologram vinyl wraps have a more limited stretch than the regular vinyl.
    4.When applying the wrap, make sure it is aligned with the top of device.

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