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"I just got my carbon fiber J-wrap for my ProVari. It looks fantastic. In fact it looks so good I almost got in a huge fight with my mother. Right now I'm a college student living at home. My mother is helping to support me until I graduate in June. Anyhow, I showed her my ProVari and I saw the look in her eyes like she was about to flip out b/c I bought another ProVari. I had to explain to her it was my ProVari I had before with a sticker on it. Then she proceeds to tell me she really likes the look." --

"I was really surprised it came with a wrap for my extension cap. It truly looks like a different pv all together. I love the texture of the wrap as well! I have a lot more grip now instead of the chrome which was slippery. This is just awesome!" --Scott.

"Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and tell you that these wraps are awesome! I have a red hologram and a carbon fiber on provari's and they look and feel great. The red really dressed up a satin, and the carbon fiber is on an old scratched up black chrome. It made them both look new again. The red is a great match for my red bella tank. I love these and am looking forward to more." --

"Got my wraps today, they are BEAUTIFUL !, really incredibly beautiful. I'll show 'em, when i can get my camera back from my brother. Thank you so much guys love ya! big time." --

"I just ordered a carbon fiber and the flaming skull design for a regular lavatube. It seems like an ideal product for these inexpensive simple looking mods." --

"I have used mine in the rain waiting to pick up my kids from school its all good it thick not a thin grade like other i have had, I will let Kick answer but from personal experience i treat my wrapped as i treat my unwrapped and have had no issues." --Paul

"Wraps are here, yay, Camo is already on my husbands provari and he loves it. If he drops it from his tree stand he's in trouble....I can't decide what to put on mine now, I guess I need another provari." --

"Those are some sick designs. I dig em." --

"Just wanted to let everyone know the Jwraps are awesome, seen them in person (one of the owners lives a few miles from us here in Fayetteville). He brought some samples to our meet and greet and let me tell you the quality is outstanding. The Carbon Fiber and Holographic patterns are really stellar. Great job Jwraps and thanks for coming!" --Tony

"I applied one of my wraps today. I'm impressed by how easy it was. I admit, I didn't do a perfect job, but I found it still worked perfectly. I love the idea of being able to easily dress up and change the looks of my plain satin provari. The only problem is now those plain standard iHybrids are starting to look more attractive to me, knowing how easy it would be to dress them up, lol." --

"You've got yourself a lifetime customer as long as I continue to vape. You have no idea the amount of respect I have for vendors who go above and beyond for their customers. It really sets you guys apart from anyone else." --

"These have Seriously Really Impressed me....and i havent even got them yet....I just KNOW theyre going to be fun to play with. cannot wait to get mine!" --

"Jwraps this is a fantastic Idea, you're incredibly talented. (And no I dont work for the company, just one H' of an admirer)" --Meems

"I just got my wraps and I absolutely LOVE them, I am a customer for life,,, lol Keep up the good work. Will post pic too a Lil later" -- "I Want to mention about the Perfection that you had them together all the Wraps in the envelope!!You put them very carefully and professionally and the envelope arrived to my place in Perfect Condition!!jwraps you are a Great Professional team! Thank you very much!Always a pleasure to do business with you! We will speak again to my next order!!Thank you Very Much again!" --Christos from Greece

"Hi guys, My jwraps came in today, super fast too, :) All three looks amazing, the designs are clear and sharp.
I could not believe how easy it was to apply and how different my Vamo looks. The custom work you guys did for my MVP is unreal, please thank your tenanted graphic guys. I will be back for more no doubt and recommend you guys to all my friends.
Sooooo Happy, :)
Feel free to use me as reference."
--Jude C. Anderson

Thank You J Wrap

I am one happy old vaper, I'm 58 and 40 yrs of those I smoked analogs.

I'm now a vaping freak and have somewhere at last count close to 50 mechanical and 10-20 variables, then there's the drippers, RDA's RBA's and everything else and now I know a company that makes a product to keep it all nicely organized and it just freaks out the youngsters and they want to know where I got it, should I tell them?

Ya so awesome and thanks again, will be buying really soon, maybe tonight.!!

--Gary Baumgart